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Features of

Multi camera record

Works up to 4 cameras

Records and playback up to 4 cameras in synchronized.

You don't need to deal with a few of individual recorders while working with multi-cameras! can record up to 4 cameras synchronously. It can playback all related records with a single click. You can seek videos in sync. Edit metadata once to apply to many.

Browse with tags exhibits all takes in a smart way.

Ordinary video recorders can only seeks in linearly, like "next video" or "previous one". stores all videos in an order with Scene, Shot and Take names. Also allows you to give tags to shots, like #twitter or #instagram. So, you can search for tag combinations or browse through keywords, not only with scene/shot numbers.

Now, Finding #yoga #girl is easeir than ever!

Video Browser

Overlay with layers can mix several layers of pictures or videos with keying in real time.

Don't pay too much for hardware video mixer controllers. can capture or playback while it is showing a live preview of overlayed images/videos applied to the out monitor. Records mixed and raw video in same time.

Video Mixer with SDI monitor

Desktop out as monitor

Displays live or playback sources on second monitor in split screen or full screen.

Which ordinary recorder device can use a monitor for all of four cameras? can use GPU powered second monitor out as an advanced viewer. It can also rotate videos' out by 90 degree to use display area more effectively.


Easy Video Routing can control video routers via its embedded TCP/IP remote controller.

Do you need to switch live feed to monitor A and playback to B? Don't stand up from your seat to deal with BNC cables. can be connected to your video router device and controls it over its embedded router panel. You can save your routing presets for fastest workflow.

Video Routing Panel
Onset Video Stream

Realtime Wireless View

Connect to over a WiFi to watch live or playback on your mobile.

Now it is possible to watch live or playback without standing in front of a monitor. decodes the live or playback video to streams it over WiFi in a very fast and efficient technology to make it possible to watch for every crew member. With almost zero delay.

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    Setup your Hardware

    Attach a video capture device to your Windows based PC or Laptop. Blackmagic Design or AJA cards are compatible with

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Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer and some Cryptocurrency accepted.
Trial Free Lifetime
    Limits 20 Takes per Project
    Full features
Full (Lifetime) $6479
    Permanent Licence
    Unlimited Takes
    Full features

* Renewal discount is only available if you buy within your paid period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes. Trial version is downloadable without any limitation of features. Only limitation is recorded take count cannot be more than 20 per project. We would love to hear some feedback from you!

Do I need to make payment every year?

Yes. This is the reason of we can offer you best prices. And it also pushes us to make better softwares and services to stay as a friend with you. Same annual fee will be fixed for you for following years once you buy now.

Can I buy licence without installing to any PC/Laptop?

No. Licence system works only if you install the software to any machine. You can not collect or stock any license as a reseller. Please contact us if you think to be a local reseller of us.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer and some Cryptocurrency accepted. Please visit our shop.

Do I need any special hardware to test

No. Actually, we recommend using some compatible hardware to understand the abilities of But if you want to take a quick look, you don't need any special hardware like capture cards.

Is it guaranteed?

Yes. If you are not happy with what you did in 15 days, your payment will be totally refund excluding transfer and penalty fees for %10 of total payment.

My hardware compatible with

Please check the documents in support section to find the part of "Hardware Limitations". And the best answer is "trying" because of answer is related to many different conditions. Please prepare your hardware and test with trial version of before you buy.


Minimum System Requirements

Windows (7,8 or 10) based PC/Laptop
Intel i7 family or AMD Ryzen 7 family
Intel (embedded) or Nvidia GPU
Monitor Resolution : 1920x1080
1GB HDD Free system disk for software
SSD Free space for Videos

Recommended System Requirements

Windows 10 based PC
Intel i7-7700K or higher
NVidia P2000 or P4000 GPU
Monitor Resolution : 1920x1080 or higher
1GB SSD Free system disk for software
SSD Free space for Videos
Blackmagic Or Aja Capture Devices

Release notes

1.2.45 (2020.11.08)
  vmix virtual source added
Various bugs fixed

1.2.32 (2019.10.14)
  Video Still improved
Preset shortcuts added

1.2.27 (2019.01.24)
  Various bugs fixed

1.2.22 (2018.12.20)
  Audio Mute fixed

1.2.14 (2018.11.08)
  Various bugs fixed

User manual

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Support by email

Please send an email ( to us about any topic. Our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

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Trial version limits only total recording count per project.

* Works on Windows 7, 8, 10

You don't need to have any special video equipment to run just for test, except minimum system requirements.